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The below articles was written by Chris Adlam, the current Division R director, who is also a member of Cape Communicators Toastmasters. N this article Chris identifies the core values of the Toastmasters organisation and outlines how the core values can be applied in our day-to-day Toastmasters activities.

By Chris Adlam
Values are expressed through our actions. They are usually abstract and cannot be put in your pocket – such as – freedom, adventure, love, or honesty. They often serve as an after-the-fact evaluation. Good, bad, inappropriate, appropriate, right and wrong. Values are the blueprint of your life. Values are filters – they provide upfront motivation. They are the reason why someone does what they do. All behaviour can be explained in terms of values. They are the most abstract meaning that we have.

In Toastmasters we have values that guide us as an organisation. It is our core values that make Toastmaster a successful organisation that you can be proud to be part of. Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence are the core values of Toastmasters and the core values spell out the word RISE, because when we apply the core values of Toastmasters, our will power will RISE. Your club will RISE and your Area will RISE and your Division will RISE. We all will rise together because our core values are in alignment with what great leaders do!

In Toastmasters we Respect each other. We allow and encourage members to share their stories, whilst we listen and respect what they have to share. We respect other peoples’ time by speaking within the allocated time we have been given for our speech. We may not always agree with the speaker but we allow the speaker to have a voice and we respect their journey.

In Toastmasters we have Integrity. We do what we say we will do. When we volunteer to do a speech we do our best to deliver the speech to the best of our ability. We promise our members that we will be there for them and we are. It is the integrity of our members that makes Toastmasters great. You are never alone in Toastmaster. You are surrounded by honourable members who have Integrity.

In Toastmasters, we are here to give service to other members. Leadership is about how many people we can serve not how many people serve us. Toastmaster members know that you get what you give. Leaders, real leaders, volunteer to serve their clubs, their areas and their communities because we are here to serve. Leadership is not about what your title is, it is about how many lives benefit from the service you give.

Toastmasters thrive for excellence! We give each other constructive feedback so we can be the best we can be. We set goals and we help each other meet them. We take struggling to good and we take good to great.
In Toastmasters we RISE and we will continue to RISE because we live our core values. We respect others and ourselves, whilst acting with Integrity, we give service and we thrive for excellence, because we are Toastmasters!


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