Meeting Review – 21 July 2015

We held our first meeting of the Toastmasters year on 21 July, with Ryan Skews leading us through the evening’s agenda as Toastmaster Of The Evening. We had two great speeches – Afsana Khan, with her fun “Spice Girl”, completing her AC Bronze with a speech from the Humorously Speaking manual

John Hambleton, taking us on a journey into the what, ow, why and when of personal growth with his speech from the Professional Speaker manual, “Consistency”.

Both speakers received useful input ...

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Serving in a leadership role

Below is an article written by our Immediate Past District Governor, Aletta Rochat, on her insights into the value of serving in a leadership role within Toastmasters – enjoy!

Reflections of a Leader
By Aletta Rochat DTM, District Governor 2014-2015

My years as a leader within Toastmasters have been some of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding years of my life. In the process of ‘giving’ as a servant leader, I have had the privilege of growing on a personal level. I ...

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Audio Post

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New Club Leadership for 2014/15

Congratulations to the courageous, skillful Club Leaders for the 2014 – 2015 year, who are as follows:

President: Chantel Lindeman

Vice President Education: Afsana Khan

Vice President Membership: Johan Viljoen

Vice President Public Relations: JonJon San Juan

Secretary: Dawn Corin

Treasurer: Brian Gowans

Sergeant At Arms: Craig Strachan

We wish each of these Officers a successful year and thank them for stepping forward to serve the members of Cape Communicators Advanced Toastmasters. We look forward to another great year under their leadership.

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June Meeting – Guest Speaker Emma Kay – The socio-economic significance of mobile phones in Africa

Our final meeting of the 2013-2014 Toastmasters year was a special event with an outstanding guest speaker, Emma Kay, the CEO of Bozza, speaking on how mobile technology has given artists, poets and musicians the ability to communicate their art to a wider audience. Emma outlined the challenges faced by those engaged in the creative economy who do not have access to facilities and funds through the industry as they are “too small” or “too different” to attract the ...

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Glass in Hand – Humour in Speeches

On the 6th May 2014, Cape Communicators had a Glass in Hand meeting and fun was had by all.
For those of you who have not attended a Glass in Hand meeting make sure you don’t miss the next one! The Glass in Hand meetings usually take place at a member’s home and is a more informal meeting with the emphasis on getting to know your fellow members better, however, much “Toastmastering” is still done!
The meeting was called ...

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Club Meeting 98, 2 April 2013
Attendance list as attached.
The meeting was called to order by the SAA john Hambleton, and all were welcomed by the President, Lois Strachan.
Craig Strachan served as Toastmaster of the Evening and as Evaluation Chairman.
The guest speaker, Marcel Oudejans, explained the link between EQ and “Play, citing examples of the benefits of play to children and going on to clarify how “play’ can be incorporated into our lives to bring similar benefit ...

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Long Shots Improv Evening

Long-Shots-logo-e1389651232613Cape Communicators out On the Town – The Long Shots Show, 6 March 2014

Several of the Cape Communicators members attended the Division D social event on the 6th march – a visit to the Long Shots Show at Truth Coffee in Buitenkant Street, Cape Town. In the Cape communicators party were: Chantel Lindeman and her husband Ken, Claire van Zyl, Craig and ...

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Club Speeech and Evaluation Contest Meeting

Members Present : John Hambleton, Claire Van Zyl, Ryan Skews, Craig Strachan, Lois Strachan,, Denise Montanari, Johan Viljoen, Merryl Jubber

Toastmaster Guests : Francois Rossouw, Dawn Corin, Anette Versluis, Lyndsay Meihuizen, Jessica Muller

Guests : Rodger Skinner and Eileen Meilech, an ex Toastmasters from Phoenix, Arizona

The meeting was called to order by the SAA, John Hambleton

Our President welcomed everybody and proposed the Loyal Toast

The Contest Chair, Lois Strachan introduced the Demonstration Speaker, Dawn Corin

Dawn entertained us with her speech entitled “If you ...

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Back Home

In Attendance:-

John Hambleton, Denise Montanarie, Claire van Zyl, Ryan Skews, Merryl Jubber, Craig Strachan, Lois Strachan, Charlotte Kemp and Johan Viljoen


Sibongile Zumemo and Rodger Skinner

All our other members were missed.

The meeting was called to order on time by our SAA John Hambleton who welcomed us all to our first meeting back at the WP Cricket club for 2014

CCTM’s esteemed President, Lois Strachan, welcomed everybody and gave a Toast to South Africa and all her people.

Our Toastmaster, Claire van Zyl, introduced ...

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