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Cds IMG 30912Growing membership is tough for an advanced Toastmasters club. A “normal” club needs to show that what they offer meets the needs of the guest– the guest wouldn’t be at a meeting if they hadn’t already realized they needed to improve their communication or leadership skills. An advanced club needs to show an existing toastmaster that they offer value over and above what they get at their home club – and it needs to be enough value that the member feels it is worthwhile paying a second membership amount.

This is why Cape Communicators Advanced Toastmasters was thrilled to add 5 new members during June 2016 –especially since the dues increase had just been announced!

At Cape Communicators we have been working hard on various strategies to ensure we give our members the value they deserve from an advanced Toastmasters club:

1. Giving Value through the Focus Group
In January 2016 we added a second less formal meeting, calling it a Focus Group. We invite participants to present either work or Toastmasters speeches for intensive mentoring/feedback. Usually the speaker receives 20 – 30 minutes feedback on each speech. To find out more about one member’s experience of presenting at the Focus Group, watch this and hear what Jon Jon has to say about getting feedback on a presentation he subsequently gave at an international industry event in Las Vegas.

2. Giving Value By Inviting Thought Leaders to Present Workshops on Communication and Leadership.
As well as having several advanced Communication assignments at each meeting we regularly offer workshops that enable members and guests to develop advanced communication and leadership skills they would not be able to do in their home clubs due to time constraints. As an example, recently Aletta Rochat DTM PDG presented a workshop based on material from Michael and Amy Port’s Heroic Public Speaking seminar which she attended in Florida, USA. The workshop gave our members a different perspective on staging and rehearsing a presentation and on using improvisation effectively within your presentation.

Through initiatives like these and other innovative strategies Cape Communicators Advanced Toastmasters hopes to continue to add value to more and more members of Division d and Division R in the coming year and to continue to grow from strength to strength.

Find out more about Cape Communicators at or join our Facebook group.

Cape Communicators meets at 19:00 for 19:30 on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the WP Cricket Club Sport Centre, Avenue de Mist, Rondebosch, Cape Town.

Focus Group meetings take place at 18:45 for 19:00 on the 1st Monday of each month at The Kartal Distribution, Prime Park, Mocke Rd, Diep River, Cape Town.


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