Meeting review – 20 Sep 2016

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The meeting was kicked off with Jon Jon San Juan as stand-in Sergeant At Arms, getting the meeting started, sharing with us the club and house rules, after which, he yielded control to our club president, Afsana Khan. After the President’s Loyal Toast, the meeting was put in the hands of Penny De Villiers who gave us a brief outline of what was to come and then to all began.

Afsana Khan – Mailchimp

Afsana, as well as bing Club President of CCTM club, also runs her own company, Endor By Design one of there many offerings is social media training. At his meeting, she gave us a detailed walk-through of the Mail Chimp emailing system and how effective it can be for business in the same way it is for Toastmasters clubs.


After a short break, we got onto the speeches with our past Area Director, Graham Klein beginning his second CC journey with an Ice Breaker. Any of us who think we already know Graham, certainly got to know a bit more and in that was a warning to any young boys with easily angered sisters who own hockey sticks.

The second speech was not your typical CC or AC assignment, but rather a final presentation of a High Performance Leadership assignment, completed by Dawn Corin. Having organised the recent Area Contest, Dawn shared with us the ins and outs, highs and lows, and lessons learned in the process of completing an HPL.

A special part of CCTM is the round robin evaluations. Here, everyone is able to share their feedback on the speech and the speaker gets to receive rounded feedback from the audience as opposed to directed feedback from one person as often happens in regular clubs Grahams CC1 speech was under the evaluations spotlight.This part was lead by Avril Harvey from Vodacom Toastmasters who took the audience through the questions:

  • “What did you like about the speech?”
  • “Where can the speaker improve?”
  • “What suggestions do you have for the speaker?”

Graham got a good spread of positives and improvement feedback from guests and members to take to his next assignment.

After Penny wrapped up her role as Toastmaster, Afsana took care of some club business before closing the meeting at 21h30

Next meeting 18 October 2016 at the Western Province Cricket Club.


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