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NickyOur meeting on 17 November was a real treat, with two great workshops that
gave immense value to us all as speakers.

First up was Chantel Lindeman, whose Presentation “Map Your Life” took us on
a journey into the details of our lives and gave us a simple tool to map our
way towards both short and long term goals. Though Chantel used the Map For
Life system to demonstrate the value of setting goals and breaking them down
into bite sized pieces, an audience member said afterwards that he did not
feel that she was making a sales speech, but was rather using it as an
example of one of many tools that could guide us to setting and
accomplishing goals for forward planning. Her presentation was The
Professional Seminar, from the Professional Speaker manual.

We had plenty of time to give in-depth feedback to Chantel in the evaluation
session, which was chaired by Lois Strachan. Many of the attendees commented
on Chantel’s relaxed and conversational seminar manner and the confidence
which helped her engage the audience with ease.

After the break we were treated to a journey of a different kind, as
professional speaker, Nicky Abdinor, spoke to us about her experiences
creating and presenting her TEDx Talk in November 2013.

Nicky’s presentation, entitled the X Factor-My Lessons from TEDx, contained
practical and interesting information on the process of developing and
preparing for a TEDx Talk, what is likely to happen at the TEDx event, and
how presenting at TEDx bolstered Nicky’s pro speaking career.

We also received additional insights from Carryn Ortlepp, one of the TEDx
speech coaches who works with TEDx speakers to present the best speech
possible on the night. Carryn’s experience as part of the TEDx team was
invaluable to fill any gaps in our knowledge, allowing us to gain answers to
all our questions.

The conversations lasted well after the end of the meeting as we gathered at
the bar for our ABF.

Well done Cape Communicators for yet another exciting and valuable meeting
to help members develop their advanced speaking and leadership skills!
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