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Screen Shot 2015 09 21 at 8 33 39 PMWhat an amazing meeting on Tuesday night, attended by a good number of members and visitors as well.

Our guest speaker certainly lived up to all that we could have wished from him – Jonathan Jacobs gave us a story that was powerful, inspiring and yet both personal and practical. He shared a few of his life mantras and demonstrated how they played out in his life. For me personally, the greatest value came during his Q&A session in which he gave honest and straight-forward answers to questions from the audience… awarding a packet of his new coffee brand to the most interesting questions asked, and also when he shared his thoughts round what a bucket list should consist of:

  • 5 personal list items,
  • 5 items to benefit the people around you
  • 5 items to benefit your community.

I felt Jonathan’s personal vision reflected an amazing balance between personal dreams, awareness of family, friends and colleagues, and a focussed type of philanthropy that I found intensely practical. Truly an amazing guest speaker for us to hear!

Jonathan’s presentation was followed by two of our members giving Advanced Communication assignments: Chantel Lindeman gave the Sales Training Seminar from the Professional speaker manual, and shared her thoughts about the best way to sell the concept of mobile money. Her emphasis was on the need to believe in the brand that you are selling, and the need to find the most effective channel to reach your target market – both of which Chantel demonstrated effectively with a series of experiences and stories of her time with Visa.

Ryan Skews presented his first assignment from the Entertaining Speaker manual, with a speech entitled “the Day My Job Stank”, in which he shared a hysterically funny story about trying to clean a drain with an obnoxiously smelling acid, that resulted in the building in which he was working being evacuated. I found Ryan’s use of the stage particularly effective as he described how he ran round the kitchen trying desperately to contain the dreadful smell and prevent it from entering the air-conditioning system that was spreading it around the building. Though I’d still like to know what the glass of wine had to do with the whole thing… Ryan???

Aletta Rochat facilitated a professional and efficient round robin evaluation session that gave value to the speakers, as well as congratulating each on the positives of their presentation development and delivery. Finally, a thought-provoking and inspirational General Evaluation was presented by our current Area director, graham Klein, leaving us with the sense that we need to bring the value of our club to others so they can share in what we have to offer as a club.

Well done to our meeting officials, who kept us on time and ran the meeting really well – Afsana Khan was a very able Timekeeper and our Toastmaster of the Evening, Craig Strachan, did a great job of bridging between the agenda items and made us laugh when he mentioned that, by entering both contests last month and serving as TM of the Evening at this meeting, he had probably done more Toastmasters speaking than he had done for quite a while… We hope the trend continues!

Next meeting: Tuesday, 20 October 2015… and it’s going to be another great meeting, so don’t miss out!


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